The Keys To Total Self-Love & Acceptance – with Bex Bedford Now Live On Apple and Stitcher 5/24/19

Bex Bedford believes that the only path to long-lasting success begins with total acceptance of who you are, including the good, the bad, the strengths and the weaknesses. This week, she reveals how to truly embrace everything about yourself and fight the negativity pattern of comparing yourself to others.

The Show Notes

All right Bex welcome to the success Kickstart podcast. How’s it going?

  • Thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to be here.

Q: It’s a pleasure to have you here. For those of my listeners who haven’t come across you yet. Take a few minutes to take us behind the scenes and give us your story because I really love people to know where you’ve come from, what it is that you’re doing right now and how you got to where you are in your life at this point.

  • In 2013 and I started a YouTube channel called being an Being an SSBBW and what an SSBBW and what that means is a super-sized big beautiful woman and I started it because I did a video response and  I kept seeing all these videos from guys who were talking about their experience and their preference for dating, bigger sized women. , I have some thoughts about that. so, I started doing the YouTube channel
  • What got me there so was for a good eight years I was a hermit and I lived a very isolated life because I was so ashamed of the way that I looked. I didn’t think anybody should ever have to see me so I didn’t see friends. I didn’t see family, my job I work third shift. So, I was like just locked away from the world. It was very lonely, very isolating.
  • I hated myself every single day and through a long process of learning to get out of my shell, learning to figure out who I was as a person, adapting tools to help me see myself in a complete way and learn to love and accept who I was did I finally get out of and break out of that prison.
  • Several years later now all of a sudden, I’m on YouTube and I’m doing these videos and there was just such a great response to the videos that I had, that it just kind of lifted off from there.
  • Now I’m out there speaking, telling my story and how I was able to navigate that road of self-acceptance and self-love and you have to put myself out there because I think a lot of us struggle with that.
  • It just could be about where you are in your life, the way that you look yourself. These days everything’s centred around image, social media. Everybody wants to show the best sides of themselves but internally, there’s a struggle. So that’s like the short version of how I got to where I’m at today.

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