After being severely bullied about her weight in college, Bex Bedford spent the next 8 years of her life in fear of judgment, hiding… 

Only emerging from her hermitage when absolutely necessary. But, you’d never know this to look at her now. She proudly takes up space as a podcaster, self-love advocate, and voiceover actor—and is known for her visibility.

So, how did she get the courage to be seen and let go of other people’s expectations and stories? This episode dishes the dirt on how to ditch people-pleasing, finally honor yourself for who you are inside, and stop hiding from your sacred purpose on earth.

Topics Covered with Bex Bedford

The crushing moment at a young age when guys made fun of Bex’s weight in public

Bex’s “age of hermitude”

Steps Bex had to take to get out of her “hermitude”

Why it became difficult for Bex to identify herself as a woman

What helped Bex finally love herself

Self-love and Self-acceptance

Living healthy and not trying to lose weight actively

The potential for rapid change of what is in alignment for you

Why uncomfortable spaces encourages growth

Dealing with the challenges when the people closest to us don’t align with what we want for ourselves

Things that Bex does to release stuck emotions

Why grief often comes up when we sit in silence with ourselves

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