Listen HEREThis episode rounds out the body positivity movement series on Finding Her. Julia introduces Bex Bedford to the Finding Her community. Here’s a little information about this powerhouse woman. Bex Bedford is a Voice Over Actor/Producer, Podcast Host, YouTube Content Creator, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She has found her true authenticity, voice, and truth through an experience that kept her hiding and fueling her food addiction for eight years. Mastering the art of not being seen in the body she lives in, Bex changed her life to meet her needs to hide because of the size of her body. She dives deep into her own journey and how she felt during this time that she refers to as “living as a hermit”. 

Things to think about when you are listening to this episode. You may want to take notes and listen more than once to Bex as she shares struggles, feelings, and examples of how fear and not wanting to be seen in her body lead her life for eight years. Bex shared the moment she finally said this is enough and began the ardouos journey of uncovering who she really was by the help of a therapist. She shared that after her therapist moved she continued to fight the fight and worked on herself which in turn opened up many opportunities for her to speak her truth and help others from sharing her story. 

Bex’s Self Inventory & Check In example:

1. Stop and check in with yourself during your day. It should take about five minutes.

2. During this time you can reflect on what is or is not serving you.

3. Make a change or adjustment regardless if the consequence is good or bad. 

4. Give yourself permission to reflect, understand, and evolve from guiding yourself. 

Guiding: connected to your personal beliefs, morals, and what you want and need in life. 

To learn more about Bex and get in touch with her:

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