Started in 2018, Rebecca wanted to bring more content to her audience and started the "Being An SSBBW Podcast Channel" There were four series, Seducing Rebecca, Fat Fierce and Fearless, BAS Weekly Cast and Super Sized Podcast.

In each of these pod series Rebecca was joined by variety of co-hosts, friends, and industry leaders as she spoke on issues for extended sizes, news in the community and in the the very personal "Seducing Rebecca Podcast" she was her most vulnerable, sharing her relationships ups and downs.

With the brand change, BAS Podcast is now "The Bex Bedford Podcast Channel", with three brand new podcast series that are new and improved! Each series brings a completely different energy, vibe, and content than the other. We kept the things you loved in the old podcast series, perfected and improved for your listening pleasure

The Bex Bedford Podcast Channel is available on all streaming platforms! Make sure to subscribe so you dont miss out! See links ->