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Acceptance Without Limits Podcast is hosted by Bex, Crissy Jo and Crystal. These three friends bonded together at a Size Acceptance event. All three are women of extended size and quickly found that they often share the same struggles living out in a world that seeks to shame them into the shadows. Every week these three funny, loud and head strong ladies get together to speak about life as people of extended size, as well as other topics and issues plaguing the plus size community.

When choosing the theme and name of this podcast it was important to pick a name that truly showed what they are all about. Speaking up about all sizes, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, we wanted to make sure no one group was ever left out. Acceptance Without Limits was born.

This trio of ladies aren't just about the super serial stuff in our world, each of their unique personalities bring levity and comedy to a subject that can be triggering for some. Be sure to subscribe to The Bex Bedford Podcast Channel so you don't miss out on this informative, funny and lighthearted series.


Meet The Co-Hosts!

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Hello everyone! My name is Crystal and I am the former editor for Now that Bex is up and going I will be a guest editor and writer for the site. I am married and have the cutest dog in the world, Cujo.

I am still somewhat new to the size acceptance community. My journey began when I met the man who would become my husband five years ago. My history with romantic relationships had left me convinced that I would spend my life alone despite only being in my thirties. Meeting him, however, changed my preconceived notions that no one would ever love my body…not in spite of my size, but because of it. After meeting and getting to know him, it was only a matter of time before I left my life in Texas and moved to the Midwest where he lived.

Once I moved to the Midwest I met Bex at a size acceptance party. We connected immediately. Shortly after I was introduced to Crissy Jo and our trio was born. Being able to bond with other women that share the same struggles that I do, when it comes to living a life of extended size, has changed my life drastically.  Not only do we get to talk about serious issues but we have a blast when we are together, and tend to be a bit extra!

I am excited to have fun with my friends on this podcast and talk about important topics for people of extended sizes and in the size acceptance community!


My name is Crissy, it’s short for Cristina. I am a mom of two, (one teen and one preteen) wife of an FA (Fat Admirer) for going on 12 years, Social Work Graduate and business owner. I am semi active in the size acceptance community. Credit for that goes to Bex. 😉 I keep myself busy with all of the above but in addition I love to spend time with my family and friends, binge watch Netflix, read, people watch, travel and shop. I am a SSBBW (Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman) and have been for a number of years.

The hubby and I have been on the bash scene for the last 5 years or so. I have met so many beautiful people, including the most beautiful Crystal. I Independently advocate for size acceptance in my place of work and educate my co-workers and clients about size acceptance and loving the skin you’re in. I love learning about the different size acceptance platforms and have learned a great deal from Bex. I am so honored to call her and Crystal my sisters. They bring so much joy, laughter, understanding and love to my life. I hope you find our stories to be beneficial and educational! If you attend a bash and see me there, stop and say Hey!

Latest Season

For this week's episode of Acceptance Without Limits, Bex talks; "Fat Shaming, Youtube & Updates"

-Bex flys solo.
-Bex talks about the Shane Dawson Fat Shaming incident this past weekend.
-She tackles a bit about fat bullying and social media
-Bex talks her latest YouTube episode about the Shane Fat Shaming, you can watch here:
-Bex explains her trip to Iowa City for "This is my brave" link for both: YouTube: This is my Brave:

-Bex is doing a LIVE AMA this Thursday 2/27/2020 5pm ct please got to to ask your questions and give your comments!

-Bex's list of all recent podcast interviews can be found here:

Crissy Jo and Bex dive into "FAT TV" for this week's episode of Acceptance Without Limits;
-Crissy Jo and Bex lament Crystals absence.
-Crissy Jo explains the premise of TLC's show "Hot and Heavy"
-Crissy Jo discusses the trails of two of the shows couples.
-Bex and Crissy weigh in on loved ones bringing up weight loss, "mixed size couples", and losing weight in a relationships, and how that plays with Attraction.
-Bex explains how she doesn't like reality TV's depiction of most fat people, and what she would like to see change.
-Bex stans hard for Gabourey Sidibe (Bex has now learned how to say her name properly!).
-Both ladies express the wants for the entertainment industry to embrace the differences of people.

Join the "The Trio" with this weeks episode of "Acceptance Without Limits Podcast" where we dive- in head first into  "Weight Loss & Size Acceptance"  as they debate this hot topic in the size acceptance community.
- The Trio discuss how this has been coming up more and more in the main group they belong to.
- Crissy Jo explains why she wanted to discuss this topic as she sees many ostracized for losing weight and posting it in the group.
- Crystal expresses her opinions on people  non-tolerance of others.
- Bex assumes the role of Devils advocate and debates the other side of the argument.
- They discuss whether transformation pics and discussion should be brought up at all. Where is the line drawn?
- Bex continues the argument against, and expresses the concern that certain topics aren't allowed and perhaps this should be one of them.
-A certain understanding is reached.
-Bex finally expresses her true feelings on the subject.
-They discuss how discrimination is happens to those that lose weight not just online but at actual events.

Season 01, Episode 03 - February 06, 2020

"Lions, Tigers, & Lord Voldemort, OH MY!"

The Trio are for another episode of "Acceptance WIthout Limits Podcast" and this week its all about "Lions, Tigers and Lord Voldemort"  as they recap their adventures down the "yellow brick road" that was 2019;
- Bex has some words for Buzzfeed...
- Crystal shares her brush with death and extension recovery from last year.
- Crissy Jo explains her transition to a new job and shares a very special announcement.
- Bill Murray, gray skies, and peoples fondness of groundhogs.
- Bex recaps her year, enter in: Gryffindors & Slytherins, kitty cat, therapy, injury and ultimately recovery.
- They end with their plans for 2020, lots of travel and new adventures await.
You can email "The Trio" with your questions and/or comments:, and

Season 01, Episode 02  - January 30, 2020

"Healthcare and Fatness"

  • The Trio are back!!  Crissy Jo, Crystal and Bex return and tackle what its like being a person of size and receiving healthcare in the US in "Healthcare and Fatness".
  • What you will find in this week's episode:
    - Bex tells her story with two doctors and the horrible care she received due to her size.
    -  Crystal explains how he was disfigured due to fat discrimination.
    -  Crissy Jo shares her story of fat healthcare with her children's birth
    - They discuss how discrimination affects people of size trying to get healthcare and consequences of not going in for healthcare for fear of that same discrimination.
    - Why it is important for people of size and their family and partners to advocate for themselves with healthcare professionals.
    - They point out how there are many compassionate and wonder doctors, nurses and institutions that provide excellent and wonderful care, regardless of a persons size.

Season 01, Episode 01  - May 27, 2019

"A Crew is Born"

Welcome to the newest series on The Bex Bedford Podcast Channel! Acceptance Without Limits is the new show taking over from "Fat Fierce and Fearless Podcast" on the old BAS channel. The same awesome ladies of extended size are co-hosting this series, Crissy Jo, Crystal and Bex Bedford. To read about their histories and way to contact each, please go to In This Episode they;

*Share their history on how they met

*Bex sees a Squirrel *How hard it is to stuff red velvet cupcakes in bags

*Where the hosts of Acceptance will be traveling this summer and so much more!

Go to for links to Bex's Social Media and website.