Elevating Size Podcast

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In today's society plus size people are constantly sidelined and treated as a drain or burden to our communities. So much of media depiction of people of size are often degrading, cast as out of control food fiends, unable to have and live a productive life, be leaders, have romantic and sexual relationships, and live a normal life like any person of "straight size".

Elevating Size Podcast was born to change this mainstream perception of plus size people. Bex hosts this weekly podcast joined by plus leaders, entrepreneurs, activist of the body positive movement, those who are attracted to people of size, and just everyday members of the plus world seeking change. They share how they live their life unapologetically, plowing the way for a paradigm shift in today's social consciousness.

Every week Bex interviews these pioneers to "elevate" the way size is viewed in the mainstream. You do not want to miss this incredible and engaging podcast. Make sure to subscribe to The Bex Bedford Podcast so you don't miss a single episode.