Monkeys and Aliens Podcast

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Monkey and Aliens Podcast is hosted by Jasmine St. John and Bex Bedford. These two have been friends for the past eights years and were the previous hosts of the podcast "Seducing Rebecca" on the BAS Podcast Channel. When creating the new podcast for Bex, it was important to Bex to keep that same raw openness that was the heart of "Seducing Rebecca" but allowed for the ability to maneuver broadly through unlimited and uncensored topics..

Bex decided to choose the name Monkeys to Aliens because she wanted to keep it open to talk about anything and everything; from monkeys (which she collects) to Aliens (Hey! They might be here!!) No topic is off limits and the destination is unknown. Come along for the ride....

Meet the Co-Host!

Jasmine is a marketing psychology consultant and all around nerd when it comes to seducing people into feelings, ideas, and actions. That all makes sense considering she was a therapist specializing in sexuality and alternative relationship dynamics before taking a break to help build the fastest growing company in the United States. She may have a high voice, talk about things that make you feel uncomfortable, but I promise you this, you won't be bored. Get ready for whatever happens when Jasmine St. John co-hosts a podcast because truly any conversation is possible!

Season 01, Episode 01- A New Beginning

Welcome to the newest podseries on The Bex Bedford Channel, formerly Being an SSBBW. Co-host Jasmine St. John, from "Seducing Rebecca", joins Bex to talk about anything and everything, all the way from "monkeys" to "aliens".

This week they dive into Bex's rebranding journey, why she choose the name Monkey's and Aliens, Marvel Movies, Natural Marshmallows and whether or not Rebecca is in fact.. an alien. Visit to contact Jasmine and Rebecca, see her media schedule, past and future interviews, and more info on the other podseries on The Bex Bedford Podcast Channel!